Rank Youtube Videos | 100% Working Method

Rank YouTube Videos easily with 100% working method. Just follow this steps to rank youtube videos. You can rank any videos by following this system without any software.

Rank Youtube Videos Process:

  • 1. Create video in 16:9 ratio, 720P (1280×720)pixel
  • 2. Video file name will be main keyword
  • 3. In video file details (Right click on video file and click details)

Title will be video file name

Subtitle will be related with keywords

Give some related tags

Write related comment

  • 4. Default video upload setting:

Set as unlisted

Set category

Set Language and so

  • 5. Video title goes with main keyword
  • 6. In the video description

Description will be minimum 300-500 words for Google Ranking

First line of description will be video title like a general sentence end with full stop(.)

Use keywords in video description

Video link will be inserted in this description

Give social media links, like facebook page, group and twitter link “Follow us: Google+ | Facebook”

Write: “Subscribe to our channel”

Give related keywords or search terms as much as possible

Tags will be related with keywords and first one will be main keyword/video related popular channel name. Give tags as much as possible.

  • 8. Create a 1280×720 pixel thumbnail and name it with main keyword. Thumbnail file details will be like below (Right click on video file and click details):

Title will be thumbnail name

Subtitle will be related with keyword

Give some related tags

Write related comment

  • 9. If all is done, publish and monetize it.
  • 10. Do off page SEO within 24 Hrs.
  • 11. Backlink:

FB-10, TW-10, YT Comments-10, and others social sites recommended by YouTube-1.

Embed your video on any site.

  • 12. Make minimum 10 instant views within 24 hrs anyhow but do not yourself.

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