• Send Unlimited Emails

  • 10/10 Mail Tester Score

  • Full Analytics Reports

  • IP Warm Up

  • 99% Inbox Delivery

  • Powerful Mautic or Mailwizz script



  • Postal SMTP Installation & Configuration

  • Mautic or Mailwizz Installation & Configuration

  • Connect Postal and Mautic / Mailwizz

  • Multiple IPs with a complete rotation

  • EMA (E-mail Marketing Application)

  • Connect with Mautic or Mailwizz

  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RDNS, cName onfiguration

  • Cron job setup for scheduled sending

Dedicated IPv4

For each server. Only fresh and clean IPs from our own subnets. Replacement IPs by request.

Automatic IP rotation

Built-in logic for rotate outgoing IPs and rDNS for each message. It helps to keep more positive reputation of IPs.

Full DNS support

Free nameservers for domain delegation. Automatic creation of all needed records: rDNS (PTR), DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, A.

warming up of IPs & Domain

ESPs need to trust your IPs and domain for best inbox delivery. Build reputation via daily increasing limits of emails for each Domain.

IP reputation monitoring

Daily checkings IP reputation (score from 0 to 100) via service senderscore.org. It helps to determine daily limits of emails per each IP.

Сompromise amount

To avoid blacklists and for best inbox ratio we suggest to send no more 5k emails from one IP daily till your IP has been fully warmed up.

integration with your app

Any marketing application, service or device with SMTP. Interspaire, Mailwizz, IEM (Internet Email Marketer) and other.

POP/IMAP connectivity

Full mailbox service for manual handling of replies and bounces. Unlimited mailbox count. Roundcube web gui.

High speed delivery

UP to 200 simultaneous outgoing queues at a time & Up to 1 Million messages per day because of the Light weight nginx server.



  • 2 VPS Servers
  • Mailwizz script or
  • Sendblaster
  • Domain Names