Proxy Multiply has a clean UI, highly configurable settings and enterprise grade reliability. Not to mention features to allow the program to run completely automatically, constantly scraping and testing proxies! Fully configurable to check proxies for the country, state, speed, type, and check against specific websites like Craigslist, Google, etc.

Proxy Multiply Features:

Automation of Proxy Scrape

Proxy Multiply has the ability to run completely automatically, scanning for and testing proxies without you even intervening with the program! Automatically write proxies to file, send them to your email, or upload them to your email, all with Proxy Multiply.

Worldwide Targeted Proxy

Filter proxies by country, city, state, and test them for use against specific websites like Craigslist, Twitter, Google and more.

Lifetime License

After you purchase Proxy Multiply, you will receive license for lifetime. No extra charge for application. Also this software you can use for Two Multiple Pc.

So how does it work?

Proxy Multiply begins by pulling fresh proxies from a list of nearly 300 daily updated websites that post proxy lists. If you’re thinking, “Isn’t there already software that scrapes websites for fresh proxies?”, the answer is yes. However, Proxy Multiply goes a step further….

After Proxy Multiply scrapes proxies from all of those websites, you now have at least 10,000 proxies in the program. Once you have proxies in the program, Proxy Multiply goes in to ‘search mode’. Proxy Multiply will then use those 10,000 proxies to search Google for more fresh lists of proxies!

To illustrate how this works, go to Alive Proxy and grab a proxy. Now go to Google and search the internet for that proxy. What do you get? Pages upon pages of more proxy lists, which are mostly recent and of similar type that your proxy was. If you searched using an anonymous proxy or a high anonymous elite proxy as your search term, chances are you will find more anonymous or high elite anonymous proxies, respectively.

What makes Proxy Multiply unique?

No other program to date implements this kind of recursive technology to give you a proxy list that will exponentially increase and is essentially limitless.

Whether you require 5 proxies or 5,000, Proxy Multiply can accommodate your needs.

Find fresh proxies

Proxy Multiply uses an efficient and fast search method to produce an exponentially increasing number of proxies. Just press ‘Start’ and PM will search the internet for new HTTP and SOCKS proxies, tailored to your needs via the port filtering and specific test server settings.

Test proxies quickly

Instead of saving proxies to a text file and testing them in another handful of programs to figure out which ones work, Proxy Multiply cuts out the middleman and tests all found proxies to find the fastest servers.